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G4URH - Interesting Downloads

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Document Description

TS 2000 G4URH Fan Modfication pdf

TS 2000 G4URH Fan Modfication under construction

TS 2000 Wide Bandwith Audio pdf

Increased bandwith TX for the Kenwood TS2000

KB7GF - Shared Apex Directional Loop pdf

Interesting just like a pair of K9AYs with eight (8) points of the compass

This is how the K9AY receiving antenna works pdf

Guide to building a K9AY

Low Band High Performance Preamp pdf

W7IUV Low Band Amplifer for use with the K9AY

S_A_A_2 VNA User Guide pdf

S_A_A_2 - Vector Network Analyzer User Guide 2020/01

VNA View QT Software

S_A_A_2 - Vector Network Analyzer Software VNA View QT

VNA Saver.64 bit Software

S_A_A_2 - Vector Network Analyzer Software VNA Saver 64 bit

V2 480x320 grid.bin

S_A_A_2 - Vector Network Analyzer V2 480x320 bin file

ZS6BKW - Interesting Aerial write-up pdf

G5RV or the ZS6BKW Antenna

Electronic Emulation Software

LT Spice V17.0.30.0 Electronic Development Software

Pure Signal pdf

Pure Signal User Manual

RF Sampler pdf

RF Sampler for Pure Signal

WinRAR 6.02 (64-bit)

WinRAR 6.02 exe file

SpectraPLUS 5.0

Audio Spectrum Analyser

Smart S Meter 5

Smart S-Meter for SDR software etc.

OmniRig V2.1

OmniRig CAT Interface

MD200 Manaual pdf

Yaesu MD200 Manaual

Increase Receiver Performance

Common Mode Noise Reduction pdf

Baluns Explained

Balun or NO-Balun pdf

Balanced Tuner

Interesting Tuner Article pdf


Interesting Alarm .wav Files

Q Codes pdf

List of all Q Codes - pdf document

Beacon Clock

NCDXF Beacon Program for Windows